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 Sifre za sims 3

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Najveci fan
Najveci fan

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PostajNaslov: Sifre za sims 3   pon lip 08, 2009 9:34 pm

force service sim [x] - A specific service Sim will show up, where [x] is a name
Add to Household - Add the active Sim to the current household
constrainFloorElevation [true/false] - Force terrain adjustments regardless of objects, Sims, and other structures
Force Event - Click on a Career Building for a random career event
Force All Events - Click on a Career Building to display all events for the career consecutively
Force Opportunity - Click on a Career Building to force an opportunity
force visitor - Summon a visitor
set career [x] - Give the selected Sim a career, where [x] is the career
Set Career [x] - Give the selected Sim any career at any level where [x] is the career / level
shazaam - Gives 2,500 Lifetime Happiness Points to active Sim
enableLlamas - Enables llamas, obviously
jokePlease - Summon a joke
hideHeadlineEffects [on/off] - Hide all meters and effects
Modify Traits - Bring up Trait Modification window
quit - Quit the game
help - Lists all available commands
Make Me Know Everyone - Everyone in your town becomes an acquaintance
make happy - Gives household perfect moods
make motives [static/dynamic] - Makes motives static or dynamic for whole Household
make friends for me - Selected Sim knows everyone in town
slowMotionViz [x] - Slow motion, where [x] is 0-8 (0 is normal)
resetSim [x] - Resets the named Sim with neutral motives, no moodlets,
and teleports Sim back home where [x] is first and last name
Set Age [x] - Set the age of selected Sim, where age is [x]
fps [on/off] - Toggles frames per second in upper right of HUD
Edit in CAS - Edit the selected Sim in Create-A-Sim
freerealestate - Turn off house costs
napObjectsToAngle [true/false] - Toggles 45 degree angle object snap
snapObjectsToGrid [true/false] - Toggles snap to grid for placed objects
fadeObjects [on/off] - Toggles object fade when camera zooms
testingcheatsenabled - Turns on Testing Cheats, for Sims (Shift click) and objects

disableSnappingToSlotsOnAlt [on/off] - Hold Alt to avoid object snap when toggled
kaching - While on the lot, this gives you $1,000
motherlode - While on the lot, this gives you $50,000
moveobjects on/off - Move anything (including Sims) in your Buy/Build mode


>>Set by me<<
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PostajNaslov: Re: Sifre za sims 3   uto stu 09, 2010 11:37 pm

pozdrav svima

imam jedno pitanje pa ako netko znam molio bih da mi pomogne, naime zanima me koja je sifra da sims ne stari u the sims 3?!
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Sifre za sims 3
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